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Summer Escape with Claris!

By August 14, 2020 No Comments

Salut mes amis! Did you know that it is SUMMER in Paris? C’est fantastique! During summer I love to play at the beach, eat lots and lots of gelato, and of course, create some beautiful summer ensembles to dress up in. It’s so much fun!

Although this summer is very different from what we are all used to, it doesn’t mean that we still can’t have loads and loads of fun! So, I’ve decided to recreate some of my FAVOURITE summer activities into some super cute printables for you to download and enjoy. Whether you are in Summer like me, or dreaming of Summer..it will feel like we’re all enjoying the Parisian summer together.. Tres bon!

I can’t wait to have a beautiful summer escape with all my little mousey friends! Bisous! Xx

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