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How To: Style Your Room

By September 26, 2023No Comments

Dreaming of Parisian streets and the sweetest of treats? Then make those dreams come true and style your room with me! I have made this handy guide so you can sleep in style with the chicest of rooms.

From choosing the parfait wallpaper, to linen and rugs, and all those très chic touches to bring the wonder of my world to yours!



To start, I recommend picking a theme. Choosing a theme will help with deciding on all the other pieces in your room, such as bedding, cushions, rug and those extra special touches!

You can also choose your favourite colour! Mine is pink, so I love having soft pink walls and complimenting them with splashes of white and gold.

Or, if you want to be able to change your bedding and other decor, something simple yet elegant like my Interior Wall Panelling Wallpaper is great way to let you refresh the room when you wish and keep that chic Parisian feel.


With a range of wallpapers and decals available, there are lots of options for decorating your walls! Many feature illustrations from my adventures as well as iconic scenes from the streets of my home, Paris!

My wallpapers and decals are available in various soft hues, and you can even find personalised decals as well!


I have my very own print collection that you can feature in your room to inspire your dreams! From a pit stop at the iconic Eiffel Tower to shopping up a storm at Dior, you can bring a piece of my life into your home! You can use art prints as a feature point in the room if you want to keep your walls simple.

You can discover my fine art collection here.


After picking my wallpaper and/or artwork, I decide on the bedding. I have been dreaming about my palace adventures and my favourite bedding is the Grand Palace Party set! So I am going to select all of the sweetest pieces to compliment my bedding.

So that my floor looks très chic (and my paws stay warm) I have picked my Grand Palace Party Rug. To keep snuggly and warm in bed, I also love having lots of cushions, they are both lovely to cuddle with and also add pops interest to my room! Something that is simple to mix up and change if I want to swap up the theme.



Adding my favourite books make for wonderful decoration and points of interest in my room. And, most importantly, having them handy for a bedtime story is always a must!

You can delve into my adventures here!


To finish the room, I like to add some lovely blooms! For little ones sometimes it is best to stick to artificial for safety. If you room has a colour theme, you can pick complimenting flowers or use them as a feature to add a splash of colour.

The most important finishing touch is to have a plush friend, or two, on your bed or bedside table to make sure you are never without a cuddle buddy!



The I would love to see what you create and your very own World of Claris! To share with me, please tag me at @claristhemouse and use the hashtag #claristhemouse

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