Let’s celebrate International Book Day!

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Mes amis! J’ai une grande nouvelle – that means ‘exciting news’ in French! It is International Book Day on the 23rd April 2020 and to celebrate, I’ve created not one but TWO competitions for the chance to win one of my special ‘Bonjour Riviera Prize Packs’ and to be featured on my website. Eight lucky runner ups from each competition will also be featured on my website and Instagram.

I’ve written down all the details of each competition below as well as some helpful tips that you can use! You can also find the terms and conditions of the competition here including answers to some of your frequently asked questions. 


Design your very own book cover for my next adventure! You can be as creative and imaginative as you like! Will I be in Milan? Maybe in a cotton candy wonderland or even a deep-sea adventure! 

Here’s how to enter: 

  1. Design my next book cover on an A4 sheet of paper – you can draw, paint, cut-and-paste, it’s all up to you! You can use my handy template for your cover here.

2. Take a photo of your book cover design and post your cover photo onto Instagram

3. Describe your story in the captions. If writing is not for you, you can also include a video of yourself explaining your story – be as creative as you like!

4. Tag @claristhemouse and use the hashtag #BookDaywithClaris

5. Follow @claristhemouse and @meganhess_official on Instagram

6. Enter as many times as you like!


Let’s play dress ups! Dress up as either Monsieur or me and upload a photo to Instagram! You won’t need a chic Chanel bag to enter, just your smiling self and lots of creativity! You can dress up in mum and dad’s clothes, or even create your costume out of paper!
To help you out, you can print your free Claris and Monsieur masks and ears here.

Here’s how to enter: 

1. Share a photo of your costume on Instagram.

2. Tag @claristhemouse and use the hashtag #BookDaywithClaris 

3. Follow @claristhemouse and @meganhess_official on Instagram

4. Enter as many times as you like! 



Remember to use good lighting (e.g. daylight) so that everyone can see all the wonderful details you’ve included in your design. 

Don’t forget to include your name so that everyone knows who to thank and credit 

Have FUN with your design!

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