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How to make the BEST breakfast in bed for mum!

By May 1, 20203 Comments

Put a smile on mum’s face by making her the BEST breakfast in bed! Here’s my secret recipe. You can follow along and create this for anyone else who means a lot to you.

You will need:

– An assistant: their mission is to distract mum and get you all the supplies you will need.
– Mum’s favourite foods
– Flowers
– Card
– And most importantly, YOU!

Step One:

Mums need their beauty sleep so we need to be as quiet as we can. Think of this as a top-secret spy mission and our objective is to surprise and delight our mum!

Step Two:
Set the table

Step Three:
Let’s cook!

Cook your mum’s favourite food! Is it cereal and milk? Pancakes?
You can also support your local restaurant or cafe by ordering online – just ask an adult if they’re happy with the back-up plan.

Step Four:

Print out my cake toppers and stick them onto your dish! Voila! 

Step Five:
Time to wake mum up with a hug and card

Step Six:
Serenade mum with a song

Step Seven:
Present your food!

Step Eight:
Clean up – this is the most important step and is the secret to making the BEST breakfast in bed for mum!


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