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Clever and curious Abigail Fig
has a real nose for details, tiny and big.
But when a strange disappearance catches her eye
she’ll need to think fast – and act like a spy!

Abigail Fig is a very curious pig. She’s full of questions, which can sometimes be a little annoying.
But one day, her observation skills come in handy when she witnesses a pignapping – can she follow the clues to find her friends?



Claris fans will know that Abigail Fig has been there, right from the start.
Abigail Fig is one curious pig! She works as a maid for two very judgemental, very rich pigs, who have no time for her questions about the world. In fact, the two snobby pigs get so frustrated with Abigail’s questions about the world that they fire her!
But Abigail’s eye for detail comes in handy when the two snobby pigs are pig-napped – stolen away in a mysterious van – leaving nothing but a trail of pink faux fur behind. Are they being taken for bacon? Or is something worse going on?
Using her curiosity and intelligence, Abigail Fig follows the clues to find her employers and save the day. And on the way, she discovers an exciting new career!